Residential Painting

Caulking & Flashing

  1. Slip-sheet flashings are used at all field seam joints. Caulking field seams is not a recommended application by James Hardie.
  2. All siding will be caulked to all adjacent trim boards, i.e. at corners, window wraps etc., with the exception being that the bottom course of siding is not caulked to a horizontal piece of trim below.
  3. During the painting application the trim, soffit, windows, and overhangs will also be caulked during painting if applicable.
  4. Any necessary aluminum z-flashing or step flashing will be installed at roof/wall intersections, on band boards, tops of window wraps and rake boards as well as any other horizontal trim locations, on an as needed basis.

At completion, all debris, excess material, dumpster and tools will be thrown away or removed from the job site. Every effort will be made, including the use of magnets, to pick up any nails that have dropped onto driveways, walks, patios, flower beds, and grass. Driveways, walks and patios will also be broom swept of debris.

Areas for painting:

  1. All siding
  2. All trim
  3. Overhangs and soffit
  4. OH doors & side door
  5. Entry porch ceiling
  6. Windows

Painting Scope

  1. Painting will be scheduled to start the day after siding installers are finishing, weather permitting.
  2. Paint used will be Sherwin Williams Super Paint or Porter Acry-Shield, finish and color at owner’s discretion.
  3. All surfaces will be cleaned, scraped, and caulked. Any bare wood will be primed and painted. All boards will be caulked and painted.
  4. Homeowner to pick color(s). All paint applied in 2 coats.
  5. The entire home will receive a complete updated caulking application with paintable Urethanized Elastomeric caulk. 100% Silicone is not paintable and therefore not recommended.
  6. No painting shall occur with temperatures below 40 degrees.
  7. Painting will be one (1) color